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Big-hearted celebs ‘Go Wild’ for 
Born Free this Christmas!

A host of charitable celebrities have joined together with actress Virginia McKenna OBE to support the Born Free Foundation's #WildChristmas campaign. 

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Cat Competition!

Win a PawPost box full of surprises for your cat!

This week we've teamed up with subscription box PawPost to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a PawPost box for their cat to enjoy!

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Cat health

Is stress making my cat lose his fur?

Fur loss

Fur loss is most commonly caused by ‘over-grooming’, where the cat excessively licks and ingests the hair, says Nikki Gaut...

How herbs can help your cat

Cat herbs

Herbalism has been integral to the medical traditions of cultures in China and India. Vet Holly Mash discusses how herbs can help your cat...

Cats in the home

Why do cats need scratch posts?

A scratch post gives your cat a place to stretch and exercise, as well as keeping claws in good condition.

How do I keep my cat's scratch post clean?

How to keep my cat's scratch post clean

Cats use their scratching post a lot, especially if they spend most of their time indoors. But how do you keep them clean?

Outdoor cats

Will my cats be happy moving to an urban environment?

Garden expert Graham Strong shares his advice on how to keep your cats happy when moving to a town.

Which lilies are toxic to cats?

We explain why lilies are a big 'no no' for any cat owner's garden and home — and the symptoms of poisoning.

Kitten care

VIDEO: A safe kitten home?

Watch our video to find out how you can prepare your home (and make it safe) for the arrival of your kitten.

My kittens won't stop fighting!

Unsure whether your kittens are play fighting or fighting seriously? There are some key differences.

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