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Give this little cutie a name!

The baby Amur leopard

Remember this lovely little Amur leopard cub who was born recently? Well her keepers want you to name her!

Amur leopards are the world's most threatened big cat, with fewer than 35 remaining in their natural range in the Russian Far-East and this female leopard, born at Marwell Zoo, is an important addition to the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP).

The  cub is now fully vaccinated and can safely venture outside of the den. Now that visitors can see the youngster, the zoo is asking the public to help them name the cub.

Marc Fox, section manager of carnivores said: "We are really pleased with the progress the cub has made so far. Mum Kaia has been extremely attentive and has cared for the youngster brilliantly.

"It's fantastic to see the cub busily exploring her new environment and playing with Kaia."

Now Marwell Zoo has launched a competition asking the public to help them name the cub. Animal keepers have chosen their top three names and voters will all be entered into a prize draw to win a big cat behind the scenes experience.

The names are:

* 'Kanika'- a mix of the letters in her mum and dad's names Kaia and Akin. Also goes well with Kaia.

* 'Odessa'- a Russian name meaning 'Wrathful'.

* 'Rayna'- a Russian Queen.

To vote for your favourite name for the adorable little leopard, click here.

Amur leopard numbers have been declining over many decades due to pressure from humans. Habitat loss and hunting of both the leopards themselves, as well as their prey species has played a major role in their decline.

To read more about this endangered species, log on to Marwell's website.

Cat competition!

Win tickets to the National Pet Show!

National Pet Show

Cat lovers are in for a real treat as multitudes of breeds will be making an appearance at the NEC, Birmingham, on September 20 and 21.

The National Pet Show, sponsored by MyPetonline, is the latest event from the organisers of the popular London Pet Show.

The show will be divided into five zones: Discover Cats, sponsored by Royal Canin; Discover Dogs, sponsored by James Wellbeloved; Discover Small Furries; Discover Ponies and Discover Animals. Each zone has its own feature areas with demonstrations, talks and activities, plus advice from leading animal experts and top UK animal charities.

The Discover Cats zone has plenty to offer cat lovers and provides opportunities to meet a wide variety of pedigree and household cats. Breeders associated with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) will be showing off more than 20 breeds of cats including Somali, British Shorthair, Sphynx, Birman, Egyptian Mau and curly-coated Rex cats to name just a few.


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