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Enter your pet for national photo competition

Pets make a home

Cat owners are invited to submit their favourite photos of their pet into a nationwide competition to find the purr-fect pet picture.

Following the success of last year’s Pets Make A Home competition – which saw nearly 9,000 pet photos submitted – housebuilder Taylor Wimpey is again giving cat owners the chance to enter a photograph of their feline friend looking its most ‘at home’.

Cats are one of the country’s most popular pets, with cat owners making up 17 per cent of UK households and a UK cat population of 7.4 million. So now Taylor Wimpy wants to see the best pictures of cute cats and cuddly kittens in their favourite place at home, whether they’re stretching out on the bed, curling up on the sofa, sunbathing on the windowsill – or enjoying a more unusual spot they’ve made their own!

The competition is being launched on Monday (September 7) and entries will be accepted until October 2. A hamper of goodies from Armitage Pet Care, will be up for grabs for the daily winners, while the overall winner of the Pets Make A Home competition will receive £500 of high street vouchers.

Karen Bremner, Head of Marketing for Taylor Wimpey, says: “We were delighted with the success of last year’s Pets Make A Home competition, which left us in no doubt that pets really do make a house a home!

“We saw some incredibly cute cats and kittens, and heard some amazing stories about them too, so we can’t wait to see the pictures that cat owners submit this time round!”

Enter photos of their pet by visiting www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/pets, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Twitter and Instagram by tweeting your image with the hashtag #TWPetsMakeAHome.

You can then visit the Taylor Wimpey website and Facebook page to view the entries and vote for your favourite!

Cat competition!

Win a handmade cat collar and catnip toy from The Natural Pet Toy Company

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