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O2 cat is running with the big dogs

We all know and love the O2 cat, but now the ginger puss has stepped up his game and is 'running with the big dogs'. If you've not managed to catch the new O2 advert on TV yet, here it is in all it's feline glory…


Cat competition!

Win an Argo Petaboard cat carrier!

The top-loading ARGO Petaboard carrier is sure to turn heads whilst out and about with your cat!

It's lightweight (weighing just 2.2lb), offers great visibility, has a padded interior for total comfort, is water resistant and airline approved.

One of its best features are its extensive side pockets (for any holding important vaccination or travel documents) as well its top-loading mesh opening, with triple security features.

It's easy to clean, has handy shoulder straps, measures 42cm(L) x 24cm(W) and 28cm(H) and is available in five bright colours (pictured here in petal pink).

Buy it for £37.50 from Purrfect Homes.

We have one petal pink Argo Petaboard cat carrier up for grabs!

How to win an Argo Petaboard cat carrier:

If you receive the Your Cat newsletter, there will be a link on the email to update your details and a tick box option to enter the competition. Click here to register to the Your Cat newsletter if you don't already receive it. The closing date is 12pm on Thursday July 24, 2014. Good luck! This competition is for UK residents only.

Cat health

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My cat is washing himself bald!

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Cats in the home

How to entertain indoor cats

All cats need exercise, entertainment and stimulation, particularly those who don't have outdoor access.

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Outdoor cats

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What plants will my cat enjoy?

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Kitten care

Should I breed from my kitten?

Breeding kittens requires a lot of time, patience and money. Here's some advice if you're thinking about breeding.

My kittens won't stop fighting!

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