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PDSA backing ICC's permethrin campaign


Vet charity PDSA issued a warning to cat owners after the charity revealed that around 20 cases of accidental poisoning are being seen by its vets.

Flea products intended for dogs can be fatal if given to cats due to a highly toxic insecticide called permethrin, found in some products, and even brief contact with a dog which has been treated with permethrin-containing products can be fatal. Some owners are also mistakenly failing to follow the on-packet guidance relating to dosage.

One such case was a kitten from Stoke called Scratchy who almost died after he was poisoned by licking some permethrin flea product off his Doberman companion Coco.

Scratchy’s owner Debbie Barker says: “I had bought some flea treatment for my dog as usual to prevent her getting any infestations. I knew I had to keep her separated from the cat for a while as it can be dangerous for them.

“After a couple of days I allowed Scratchy and Coco to play with each other as they are big pals and even sleep in the same bed together! But the following morning, Scratchy became really poorly; he was being sick and was foaming at the mouth. I knew straight away that it was poisoning so we rushed him to PDSA.”


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